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Vill du ha återbäring på skatten via partistödet? (via intelligent union)

september 16, 2011

Vill du ha återbäring på skatten via partistödet? Vill du ha återbäring på skatten via partistödet? – Då är Intelligent Union partiet för dig. Hej! Trevligt att du tittar förbi. Idag har jag något alldeles speciellt för dig. Ansökan finns i slutet av denna text, men först lite om mig om du är intresserad. Personlig presentation Jag heter Martin Gustavsson och det är jag som har startat detta nätverk som heter Intelligent Union som jag gärna vill ska bli ett parti och gå till val om 4%-spärren ka … Read More

via intelligent union


4 meter angel-wings – A new opium for the people.

september 16, 2011

I write this because I really really love myself and you. =)

Today I am beginning to write all my texts in English because it seems like most intelligent people of Sweden understands it.

Don’t you agree that english has been the international language for a very long time now? Are there any excuses for you not understanding english now?

=) Well, if you still did not learn english well, this is a great oportunity to begin.

Anyway. Now. To the point.

In a crazy world it is quite unusual to meet a sain person. Life is perceived as hard and people are loaded with problems that they enlarge, just like you probably are doing and like I am also guilty of.

I just met a woman  believing in angels, just like my mother do and this woman also is growing her own 4 meter angel-wings and calling herself a ”shaman”. A Shawoman! Hi hi hi. =) Talking about angels. Do you believe in Denmark’s new prime minister angel?

Well, I have pity for those who do believe in angels because it can sometimes be quite soothing and nice for the ego and wonderful for the imagination when life is hard. It is in my opinion however like an opium. It gives you a bad hangover called reality and for this woman life is not easy and that is why I try to help her to become free from delusion.

You see, the truth, awakedness, enlightenment is not like that, in my opinion, but it is a constant half-smile. It is a true laughter and a pure happiness. Not fake, but real.

Because all religions, wether they are political or non-political, wether they have angel-wings on the shamans or not, they have leaders with their own intrests and they have sleeping followers repeating their mantras and sounding their sounds repetedly, disturbing peace, without questioning and making silly ceremonies. They do not even try to live up to the words or the icons they are preaching about. Tell me honestly! Isn’t it hilarious!?

The truth is: They don’t care about you or this planet, they care only for their own short term interests, their recent quick-fix, just like you do in the way you are presently living.

They care only about that fancy clothing, that new gadget, that fancy car, that new fancy palace or temple, their stuff, or that house or that special tibetan incience, or that statue carved in wood from endangered rainforest or that new cell-phone, or pleasing the wife who wants a new motorbike.

Isn’t it true, you men and women out there!? Tell me why you are behaving like silly monkeys!? Why don’t you pull yourself together and get away from it, at least for a while, and be with yourself to see everything more clearly? Why don’t you do meditation under a tree and read wise peoples texts?

The truth is: Men and women do not know how to really care for themselves or our children or this planet, because they have not reached a higher intelligence yet, just like you probably haven’t.

But, good news for you, my dear friend. In any moment, you want to, you can go up to that mirror on your wall and begin to really really love yourself, to become something really loveable, a real angel, that actually begin to understand things deeply, begin to be able to think in many steps, get a believable belief and really begin to solve the problems we face in this world. Very important problems.

Yes. Change is possible. Is anything else even possible?

If you join me in looking deeply at things, if you begin to really save this planet, not in a shallow way, but for real, and contribute a little bit every week, then I am sure you are on the right path and that you are the one who should join me in leading this world.

If you don’t you are completely worthless. You are like a big parasite. Aren’t you? It does not matter if you have been appointed to be the Dalai Lama himself. You are just as worthless as an alcoholic. Isn’t it true?

And if you are not worthless, then tell me why you have any value at all and I will show you that you clearly don’t. Well, that it is true for me, until you get that ass moving in the right direction. Then you actually do have a value. A real value.

Start moving now, you soft men and women! =) Get off your knees! Look deeper into things now or tell me why we should not save this planet! I am open for any good arguments or better leadership, if you can lead. Until then I follow Intelligent Union.

Pure Love and hugs and kisses =)